Sun. Nov 17th, 2019

Motorbike Helmets Protect You on the Road

Do you make sure that your head is protected whenever you take your motorbike out for a ride? Motorbike helmets are something which every rider should wear – they can quite literally save your life! Brain injuries are the top cause of motorbike fatalities, which alone should keep anyone from ever riding without wearing a helmet again! However, there are still plenty of riders who in defiance of all logic and the instinct of self-preservation, continue to ride without a helmet. Fortunately, many governments have moved to make motorbike helmets mandatory for all riders.

The purpose of motorbike helmets is to absorb the force of impact in the event of an accident and protect the skull and the brain from injury. This means that the material which a motorbike helmet is made of should be the first thing you look at when trying to purchase one. There are now helmets which are made from plastics which are crack resistant and are extremely strong while still being lightweight enough to be comfortable to wear as you ride. In most cases, a look at the size and shape of a helmet can give you a good idea of how resistant it will be to impact. Better helmets will cost a little more, but don’t be deterred by price – this is your personal safety we’re talking about.

Comfort is the second most important thing to think about after safety. There are full face helmets which are quite comfortable to wear; full face motorbike helmets also happen to be the safest kind to wear. Your helmet should fit snugly, feel soft at all points of contact with your skull on the inside of the helmet, be comfortable to wear and of course, it should have DOT approval stickers (these will be placed on the rear of the helmet).

You can also choose a half face motorbike helmet. These offer good protection to your head while still letting you see the road (and the sights alongside it) as you ride. These helmets have a visor to protect the face; it should be made of string material, scratch proof and of course clear so you can see through it easily. Your motorbike helmet’s lining should be clean and absorbent (and made of good quality material as well, poor quality linings tend to get smelly after use).

A few of the best brands of motorbike helmets are Bell, Iron Horse Helmets and Nola. These are all brands which have a great reputation for comfort and quality. All of these have anti-fogging features and easy flow ventilation to keep you comfortable as well as safe while you enjoy the open road.

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